The English language and its complexity.

English is one of the prestigious languages that is spoken universally. Despite its universal status and prestige, the language is full of complexities and doesn’t make sense. Even if you have mastered the rules of language, you still fail to comprehend the application of rules. There are some rules for pronunciation, grammar and spellings in English, yet sometimes the language doesn’t follow its own rules, and thus makes it more weird and strange especially for those who are learning it as a second language.

The other day while teaching “oo” words to my 5 years old girl, I got speechless when my daughter asked me why “food “and “foot” are pronounced differently and why the vowel “u” doesn’t sound like “u” as in hut and put? Every time I have to tell her that vowels have two sounds. Short sounds and long sounds, but still she struggles in reading whenever she comes across such exceptions.

Lets discuss more frustrating examples and exceptions that make the language more complex.

Here are some crazy homophones in English. The words that sound alike but have a different meaning are homophones.

Like, Eight(the number)and ate(the second form of eat), stake(to kill vampires or something on risk) and steak( the meat) all these words sound alike, but have different meanings and spellings.

Now have a look at some of the homonyms. Homonyms are the words that are spelt and sound the same but have different meanings like
Tear(comes while crying) and tear( to rip),
Bear( animal) and bear( carry, endure),
Break(broke and crack) and break(rest),
see( with your eyes) and sea( the ocean) and many more to spin your head.浪

Then there are some words with the same vowel structure but don’t always rhyme.
cow, low. (ow words)
Dough, cough, through. (ough)
Lead, read, plead. read)

The word ball and doll rhymes but have a different vowel. The vowel “a” is pronounced as “o”. Similarly, the word “fleece” and “please” rhymes but has different consonants and vowels. And the word fleece has a consonant “c” but is pronounced “s” like in “place” too. interchangeable The words “baby” and “pretty” has the consonant ” y” but sound “i”.

Are u already freaked up? Stay put and see more.
If “PH ” gives the sound of ” f”
And “GH” sound in rough is pronounced “f”
And “TION” in potion is pronounced ” sh”.
And the “O” in women makes the short vowel “I” sound
And if “EIGH” stands for ” a” as in neighbour,
Then the word FISH can be spelt as PHOTION or GHOTION.right?

Want some more?
Let’s move on to some of the plurals in the English language. The simple rule for plurals is, we add “s” or “es” at the end. like pen and pens, fish and fishes, mango and mangoes. Having said that, there are some exceptions too. Child and children, man and men, tooth and teeth, foot and feet. Mouse means one mouse and mice means a few of them. Then more than one house, and blouse,  should be hice and prices.路‍♀️

And why on earth some letters are silent as in “Knee, honesty, doubt, autumn, island, Wednesday and the list goes on. As if the spelling wasn’t hard enough to learn, what’s the use of writing it, when it has to remain silent. 路‍♀️Why can’t we just leave them and make the spellings short for learning?臘‍♀️

Confused yet? If not, you will be after reading whats next. The ironies, paradoxes and oxymoron in the English language make the matter more worst. Have a look.
There is no honey and moon in honeymoon, no egg and plant in eggplant, no pine and apple in pineapple, no lady in ladyfinger.

She is pretty ugly, he was a wise fool, I know nothing, A bitter truth, act naturally, open secrets. Above all words seems to contradict each other. Each word looks like the opposite of the other word.

Then there are synonyms rules that not every synonym can be used interchangeably because words carry different connotations that can change the meaning. For example both “notorious” and “renown” means famous, but ” notorious” means famous for doing something bad, whereas “renown” means famous for something good. One has a negative connotation and the other has positive.
The word look, see, the watch has the same root meaning, yet can not be used interchangeably.

Well, that’s enough to reveal the ambiguity of the English Language. Though, there must be some reasons behind these discrepancies, which is yet to be revealed but some other time. All I  want to say that like Arabic and French, learning English as a second language is very challenging. its grammatical structures, pronunciation, spellings and meanings rules that contradict, make it more difficult for its speaker and learners. So show some respect if they speak or write wrong because English is weirdly hard and grasping its rules with exceptions are going to take a long long time.


Like every other year,  we said our farewell to the passing year 2019  and entered the new year with new resolutions, without knowing what’s coming up and what danger we are diving in to. As a matter of fact, nobody had anticipated what threat 2020 might unfold. However, as 2020 progressed, the year started to get worse with strings of deadly incidents i.e. wildfire in Australia, plane crash in Pakistan and Iran, loss of some renown figures like Qasim Suleimani, Kobe Bryant, the explosion of Beirut, floods and heavy rainfall, locust swarm outbreak and the biggest of all, an unfamiliar virus Covid-19, which has now become the most popular and used term,  jolted the whole world with its astonishing effects. What more are we going to witness in 2020? As much as we want this year to end soon, it’s giving us major heart attacks.

Here are some of the major impact COVID has on our lives.


This novel flared up virus has inevitably disrupted everyone,s life which was NORMAL back then. It would not be wrong saying COVID has stuck our lives earlier and still has, but now people have adapted their lifestyle accordingly. Consequently, we see a major decline in the number of cases. Earlier, with the increasing number of cases, the whole world called for a lockdown. Educational, commercial, religious institutions, domestic and international flights were shut down because with the virus out there, it was much needed. As a result, the revenue generation has gone below than average and expenditures have gone high. Even the worlds most developed countries are on the verge of economical crisis. Thanks to COVID.


2020 has been marked the worst year in human history. Despite its low mortality rate, the accelerating spread of the virus has affected people negatively. With schools being closed, no recreational time and being locked at home 24 hours, and not to forget the workload load mainly on women which includes sanitization of each and everything including our selves, cooking everyone,s favourite dishes since no dining out, cleaning with no help, homeschooling and looking after kids, has certainly affected women psychologically. Men, on the other hand, enjoyed this time doing nothing since they were home but the thought of getting unemployed due to the pandemic, glued to them making them agitated and depressed and resulting in domestic violence. Apart from the doctors, who were giving extra services and have given their days and nights for the wellbeing of their patients and unfortunately many have lost their lives battling against the virus. COVID has given a rather tough time for doctors mainly.


COVID-19, where it has major negative impacts on humans, it has some favourable effects on the global environment. Before COVID human beings were so engrossed in satisfying their materialistic needs that they forgot about nature. Consequently, environmental pollution, global warming, climate changes have become major issues now. But as Lockdown restricted the mobility of vehicles resulting in less fuel consumption and industries being closed, no social gatherings or outings to parks, beaches, and other places, there is a vivid change in environment. we have never witnessed the earth being so clean before. Well, where there are many cons of COVID it has undoubtedly affected our environment positively.


Talking about life after COVID, it would obviously not go back to what it was before. Our homes, habits, values and practices are going to be affected greatly. With no vaccine and medical cure for the novel virus, it’s going to be an altogether different life. Going back to the old life has become a dream now. The only thing that will please people, is the arrival of the vaccine. But I feel even after the vaccine is out, it is still going to take some time for the life to get normal. Wearing mask, sanitization, social distancing and digital learning and working is going to be a  norm for this and the upcoming year. Forget about going out without sops. Home has remained the safest place in the pandemic. Well, we all should be prepared for the coming year and its challenges because life is surely going to be an emotional rollercoaster so tighten your seat belts up and get ready for the ride.


One and only obsession ALBAIK

This blog is for all those who want to visit KSA any time in their life. When I first came to KSA, I didn’t like the food here. whatever I ate I would spit it out, saying it doesn’t taste like my home food. Well you know Food does become a challenge for people going out of their homeland because they don’t get their desired taste. Nevertheless, there were some foods that hooked me up and made me fall in love with some Arabian cuisine. Their hit shawarmas, mandi, foul with tameez, falafel sandwiches, dessert kanafa and their one and only ALBAIK. I have been living in Saudia for 7 years and had alabaik several times, yet still, the name of alabaik makes me go crazy.

Yes, do add Albaik in your must-eat item list. Albaik is one of the renown, restaurants in KSA that sells the most scrumptious and mouth-watering broasts, fish fillets, nuggets and sandwiches. Earlier it was only a treat for the pilgrims who used to come from all over the world to perform haj or umrah to the holy cities of kingdom i.e Makkah and Madinah, but now Albaik has expanded their branches in other regions including Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah etc which have made their endless buyers delighted. I remember one of my friend joking that pilgrimage is incomplete without Albaik because the first food the pilgrims go for is always Albaik. ( before you all start throwing bad comments you guys should know that I know it sounds inappropriate and she shouldn’t be joking about that but that’s the kind of impression Albaik has on people)

This is just inside click you won’t believe what’s on the other side 😃
🤭 see told you and believe me this is not fake.

Out of many local well known food companies, only Albaik has managed to gain such prestige..As a matter of fact, Albaik has knocked out all the international brands like KFC and MacDonalds in the region.You will be amazed to see the long queue in and outside of the shop depicting albaik mania among people. The question is why don’t they just go for KFC, MACDONALDS which they can easily get their hands on and get home delivery too. The simple answer is that nothing can beat the secret recipe which gives the special flavour of albaik and the cost is fairly reasonable too. A broast form Albaik costs around 14 riyals, about half of KFC or MacDonalds. That too is enough to draw peoples attention towards it. Besides, they know that their numerous customers are waiting outside, therefore they make sure to provide quick and fast service to their customers.

Finally, that’s enough to excite you guys, i m sure the first restuarant in ksa you are going to rush for would definitely be Albaik .Do give it a try and enjoy every bit of it.😉



The term mental health refers to the wellbeing of our mind. Like physical health, it is very important to have a stable mind to obtain harmony in life. Our emotional or mental health has a profound impact on our behaviour i.e our way to think and talk and how we relate to others in life.

Nowadays every other person is going through a mental and emotional crisis. Well, there are many causes and reasons that affect our mental health. The most important factor which has a huge impact on our mind in our relationships. Our relationships with our parents, spouse and friends etc define our mental state. People having a healthy peaceful relationship are living a content life whereas, people having problems in their relationships are experiencing different problems in the shape of aggression, anxiety and frustration.

Here are some ways through which we can cope up our problems. Starting from staying away from negative people because psychological stability can only be achieved if we have positivity around us. In addition, sharing and opening up to people would also ease out the problems. The more we suppress, the more its is going to make us anxious and frustrated. And once you feel frustrated, things might get ugly for you and others.

Besides, the relationship which lacks communication is on the stake of emotional problems.
therefore, it is rather significant to connect to others and let them know about how you are feeling, and in case your partner is a rigid person then its time for you to go to your trustworthy friend, family or talk to somebody who is professional and let them know how are you feeling. The feeling of being ignored or that your existence does not matter, it really hurts. Such behaviour is going to affect people around you particularly your kids. Therefore, it is better to talk about what is bothering you instead of holding it in.

In most of the cases, children become the prey of mental and physical abuse due to the disturbed relationship of their parents. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love their kids, they do love them but sometimes the stronger emotions and anger overshadows the feeling of love and affection. In addition, some people do not have control over their emotions, as a result, they explode and ruin everything. Not everyone has that strength to overcome their emotion especially women are on the verge of getting emotionally upset because woman are emotional and sensitive being, therefore, it is very important to satisfy their emotional needs. By expressing love, respect and affection to such people would gradually bring a significant change in their behaviour because we all know love has that power to heal people and it is the power of love that can only surpass the feeling of anger.
Such people have high emotional needs and it is your responsibility to satisfy their needs through appreciation, gratitude and care.

The best solution for sustaining your mental peace is to find some distraction and entertainment in your life. Do something that pleases only you which could take you out of the present. Try to distract and calm yourself like reading, watching t.v, going out alone or with your friends or just sleep. This will inevitably relax your mind and body and replace the heightened emotions with calmness and peace.

Towards the end, it is crucial to mention that the awareness regarding mental health is as important as physical health so please don’t overlook your problems. We spend a significant amount of time and wealth on our physical fitness, yet feel hesitant to discuss our mental challenges. Now is the time to get aware of your mental health. However, the dilemma of our society is that, if somebody speaks about the emotional needs he or she might get labelled as a freak and thankless. Sadly, we think that if a person has all the luxuries of life he or she should feel himself fortunate rather than complaining. People need to acknowledge the fact that wealth is not everything, in order to have a healthy life, our emotions need to be stable because it’s all start with our mind. If your mind is at peace, you would get the feeling of being on top of the world. Everything around your appears beautiful because after all its just a game of mind. Hence it’s better late than never. Go and enjoy every moment of life because it’s your right to have a happy life.


Why women have always been abused physically and psychologically? We see every other day brings news attributed to women being victimized some in the hand of their loved ones at home and others by the strangers outside at work or in the streets. Well, the question is Where our society is heading up to? Whats is the place of women in our society? and how long are they going to suffer in the hand of men?

Out of all the religions, only Islam has elevated women’s status, honour and dignity, yet the poor Muslim women in our country have been oppressed all along. Women have always suffered brutally by their fellow men. And the irony is that after being abused, they have always been blamed for being wrong in the first place. The question is that For how long women are going to be accused? Why women are always mistaken? Why not question the men out there? Even if women did wrong but what’s the function of men?

The recent heart-wrenching incident of a woman being tormented and raped by some vicious beast in front of her kids is literally beyond one’s imagination. This awful incident has left every other woman in the country restless and agitated that now they all call for justice. However, What has done can not be undone. No one can bring back that woman’s honour and prestige. what least we can do is to raise our voice and ask for the severe punishment and that to be hanged till death. Moreover, those beasts should not be publicly hanged only for others to see but also tortured brutally so that no one would dare to touch or look women without her consent.

In the incident, the police officer has blamed the woman of being wrong in the first place. According to him, the women should not have travelled alone at that hour of the night. Instead of consoling the poor woman’s family and assuring them to arrest their convicts, he had the audacity to blame her without knowing her reasons to travel alone. And even if she did travel in the wrong time, was it justified to passing that crap statement of she being wrong? Despite knowing what she and her kids had undergone. such comments would only aggravate the pain of the victim.

Moreover, we are still unable to comprehend how someone could be that ruthless that they have dared to commit such horrendous act in front of victims kids. Its literally giving me shiver how that poor soul must have thrived for her honour, how she has endured the amount of pain she was inflicting on, she must have cried out with the excruciating pain physically and mentally both. Days have passed but we as women are still stuck on that highway route, though we haven’t gone through that so What would be the situation of the woman and her kids who have actually gone through that moment. Moreover, those bastards have left the woman and her kids handicapped for the rest of their lives. We might forget what happened on that highway route one day or the other day, but she is going to live and die with that horrifying memories.

This incident has terrified all the women in our country and now have united them all for their sole cause and that is their protection because Women are not feeling safe anymore. Besides, we demand a secure nation for all women. Wherever she is, at home, outside at work, at the street, with kids or without kids, in a veil or without dopata. We want safety for women and kids. Sadly the poor laws and ambiguity lying in the constitutions of our country are unfortunately the reasons behind this dilemma that we are still uncertain what should be done with the culprits. However, justice should prevail at any cost or else this pathetic act would keep going on and might never end. In order to make RIYASAT E MADINAH, we need to work on our judiciary system then and only justice will be served.